PANCH Award 2012: Béa and Chester Simon
altThis year's PANCH award goes to Béatrice and Chester Simon. For 6 years have they now run their "carribean island" - the restaurant Muskatnuss - starting in Zurich and now continuing in Kindhausen/Volketswil under the name of Waldgarten-Muskatnuss. Through all these years PANCH had a wonderful partnership with the Simons and we were always able to present our PANCH Limes with steelband concerts in their venue - with an applauding and excited audience.

Key to success are the 2 lead persons we would like to give the award to:
Chester - operating as a true caribbean chef, and joining in from time to time musically in some of the jam sessions - singing or playing the bass.
Béa - the heart of the operation - caring for the guests and managing a good team of friendly staff.
A team for success!

Fred Hürlimann