PANCH Award 2011 for Junior J. Edwards
Junior – we are excited to present to you the PANCH award 2011. You have deserved it for long! Today we'd like to thank you for all the big and the little things that you have done for PANCH and the Swiss pan community over all these years. You are an important person in our steelpan world and we hope that you stay that and that you will continue to foster, promote and develop pan music in Switzerland.
Junior comes from San Fernando, Trinidad and grew up there. He has come to Switzerland on different occasions, also on a tour with Skiffle Bunch. This is how he came to Leukerbad and stayed - thanks to the steelband Papayas. That was 15 years ago.

As musician he is one of the few steelpan professionals in Switzerland. He has been on tour with many famous musicians and bands, among others with Skiffle Bunch, Banda Zoa and Mark Sway, Cookie the Herbalist, Tina and Blackpower Band, etc. He brought Len Boogsie Sharpe to Männedorf and to the Expo. As bandleader and project manager he tought and arranged for many steelbands in Switzerland, London and Trinidad, and he initiated an managed his own big band project Swiss Trin.

And last but not least we would like to thank him in the name of PANCH officially and sincerely for his commitment, effort and help at the world steelband festival (2000) in Trinidad. He was a major factor for the success of Switzerland in Trinidad.