PANCH Award 2010 for Pit Zünd
altHonorary President of PANCH – and now also winner of the PANCH Award 2010. We are delighted to honour Pit Zünd for his tireless efforts as negotiator, mediator, facilitator and integrator.

He has been an enthusiastic six bass player for a long time, until ear problems forced him to stop. But he remained a true friend of the pan. He still plays the iron ad hoc when needed and can bee seen as diligent photographer on many pan events.

Pit was also the organizer of one of the first national steelband festivals in Berne 1987. When it came to launching projects, such as PANCH 2000 (a swiss formation that participated in the world steel festival in Trinidad and sensationally scored 6th in the finals) or PANCH RELOADED, he willingly accepted to be the president of the oranizing committee. Thanks to his integrative abilities, his negotiating skills and his enormous work behind the scenes these projects became a success.

When the time came to found a swiss wide association, there were two parties in Switzerland. Zurich panists and Berne panists did not show real interest in each other. Pit was also here the right person in the right place. Knowing the Berne scene quite well, he was also widely accepted by the Zurich panists and so he was able to bridge the gap as first president of the association. In this function, he was always concerned about the communication between members and non-members of PANCH, he appreciated all panists - careless of whether they were members of PANCH or not.

We are delighted that Pit continues to be active for the association after his resigning from the board and we sincerely thank him in the name of PANCH and - we certainly may say - the whole swiss pan community for all he has done so far. Thank you for your helpfulness, your mediation, your always being target-oriented and solution-driven. Thank you for being a great and warmhearted person and friend.